Blue Note Café

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The Blue Note Café

Section: Lower Manhattan

Neighborhood: Greenwich Village

Address: 131 W. 3rd Street; W3rd and 6th

The Blue Note Jazz Club moves to the sophisticated, New York City rhythm, and is located in the heart of Manhattan right in the center of Greenwich Village. The deep blue and mahogany design was created by Morris Nathanson, the designer of Angelo and Maxie's in New York. Nathanson opted for elegant and urbane, with candles on the tables and its ceiling to floor velvet curtains. There are balconies, ornate golden ceilings and top-shelf artists in an intimate setting. There isn't a bad seat in the house, so when the heavy hitters of jazz are under the stage lights, you'll be close enough to count beads of sweat. Shows here are a must-see for a Village-prowling, big-name-seeking jazz hound, but good luck trying to sit at the bar -- it's always jammed. There are normally two sets a night, at 9pm and 11:30pm, with a single, nationally known act playing from Tuesday until Sunday. Monday's shows are one-night-only shows. Friday and Saturday feature post-show jams until 4am.

Note to Players: All sight Perception related rolls are at +1 difficulty in the Blue Note Cafe with the exception of the stage area which is obviously lit up. Hearing Perception related rolls are at +2 difficulty during shows +1 at other times. Use of Heightened Senses or any similar power enhancing hearing in this setting will stun the Player Character for 1d10 minutes real time during jazz acts. ID is required and the club is 21 and over. Minors are at a +2 difficulty on social rolls involving sneaking in or passing fake ID off.

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