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The Bank
Section: Lower Manhattan
Neighborhood: Lower East Side
Address: 225 E. Houston St. E Houston and Essex
Owner/Operator: N/A
Local Map
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One of the main thoroughfares to bisect Lower Manhattan is Houston Street – an unusually wide street this far downtown. The first thing one would notice either driving or walking down Houston is that it’s the home of many many nightclubs, lounges, and bars which vary in size and theme. Large groups of club goers walk the sidewalks and dart across the crosswalks hopping from club to club until the wee hours of the morning as many of the nightclubs are open until 5 am or 7 am while promoters pass out flyers to any and all who cross their path. Many of the nightclubs are open venues with promoters from various scenes striking up deals with owners to host their club on a specific night at their venue. Cover charges vary.

The Bank is one such venue, its front crowded by a line of some sort or a gathering of customers and club promoters mingling before entering or after exiting the club. After paying cover charge and flashing ID to the large bouncers at the door, one enters directly to the rear of the dance floor which has a small stage raised above it at the front of the club. Immediately, one is hit with blaring music, flashing lights, and the stuffy air thick with perspiration, liquor, and smoke in the standing room only venue.

After making their way to the right of the entrance and passing around the edge of the dance floor, the undaunted clubber comes across a narrow staircase jutting out before the bar which is staffed by three bartenders who between them must have no less than 60 tattoos, 30 piercings, and have gone through over 300 bottles of hair dye over their lifetimes. The staircase leads to a second level that overlooks the dance floor and has two small bars and intimate lounge seating. During spring and summer the stairs up to the roof are accessible to patrons. This leads to a roof top patio lounge. 

On the ground floor, the bar lines the length of the wall just after the entry. The staircase provides a small, dark alcove behind it with a shelf running along the walls for patrons to set their drinks at the very end of the main bar. Here is where many find a bit of privacy as the crowd behind the stairs tends to mind their business while they engage in a variety of questionable activities. Past another set of stairs near the entry and beyond the main dance floor is a dark foyer where a back room called the Vault is located. There a smaller room houses a second DJ, dance floor and bar and at times doubles as a VIP room during some events. This room is more secluded and has a more intimate vibe as the walls are lined with small cocktail booths designed for a measure of privacy, yet still open enough to not interfere with the denizens' favorite past time - people watching. Off the dark foyer, so as to be easily accessible to both dance floors, is a narrow hallway where the bathrooms are located.

Weekly Events at the Bank

  • Monday: Stardust - retro, disco, glam. Cover $15
  • Tuesday: Home Spun - funk, hip hop, soul. Cover $15
  • Wednesday: Dive - punk, rock, metal. Cover $10
  • Thursday: Perversion - fetish, gothic/industrial. Cover $20
  • Friday: Flow - trance, jungle, electronica, drum n’ bass, techno. Cover $25
  • Saturday: Blue - 80's, techno, euro, world. Cover $25
  • Sunday: Absinthe - gothic, dark wave. Cover $12

All prices are after 11 pm. Promoters offer discounts before 11 pm and/or with flyer.

Note to Players: All Perception related rolls are at + 2 difficulty in the Bank. Use of Heightened Senses or any similar power in this setting is not recommended and will stun the Player Character for 2d10 minutes real time. ID is required and the club is 21 and over. Minors are at a +2 difficulty on social rolls involving sneaking in or passing fake ID off. Smoking is permitted inside the Bank.

Floor Plans

Bank Main Floor Plans

Bank ext.jpg

Bank int2.jpg

Bank int3.jpg

Bank int4.jpg

Bank int1.jpg

Bank int5.jpg

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