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This page contains detailed descriptions of Backgrounds available in the Werewolf venue of World of Darkness: Gotham. Please note that in the descriptions D = Differential and S = Stackable.


Werewolf Backgrounds


Ancestors – Is unmodified.


Caern - This Background is not allowed at all in WoDG.


Equipment - This Background is not allowed at all in WoDG. Access to certain types of equipment is covered by tapping other Backgrounds or a combination of other Backgrounds such as Allies, Contacts, Resources. 


Fate - This Background is not allowed at all in WoDG.


Favors - This Background is not allowed at all in WoDG. These are earned in game.


Fetish – Is unmodified, though it may not be taken at character creation. The exception would be for Kinfolk. Fetish is a banned Background for Kinfolk completely and always. For information on fetishes created in game please see Fetish Creation.


Kinfolk - In WoDG Garou can use Kinfolk not only for breeding and assistance with human society, but mechanically they operate per the Followers Background as well. However, Kinfolk are much more loyal to their family and heritage than a simple Follower, so difficulties to tap them should be reduced by 2 when compared to Followers. Further, players should make NPC templates for their Kinfolk at the rate of one NPC Template per dot in Kinfolk using Kinfolk character creation rules.

  1. 2 Kinfolk
  2. 5 Kinfolk
  3. 10 Kinfolk
  4. 20 Kinfolk
  5. 50 Kinfolk


Numen - This Background is not allowed at all in WoDG.

Pure Breed

Pure Breed – Is unmodified. This Trait is limited to a Rating no higher than 2. Pure Breed Ratings of up to 3 may be allowed for Silver Fangs with a thorough character history (which is required to play a restricted tribe anyhow!).  However, players should keep the setting in context. This is as urban of an area as one can get and so the Trait will have unexpected consequences. For example, poor down trodden and beaten Gnawers are not going to be as impressed with a Silver Fang sporting Pure Breed 3 and an attitude. There might be a very bitter and grudging acknowledgement of the positive perks of the Trait. However, they will be keen to treat a character with Pure Breed more harshly for not living up to his ancestry, thereby accentuating the negative side of the Trait. Be warned! This Background will not give your character the social bonuses you expect in an urban environment. It can and will backfire! Finally, it will not factor into how high of a chance a mating will produce a Garou. For more information please see Pure Breed.

  1. You have your father's eyes.
  2. Your grandfather made a name for himself at the Battle of Bloody Ford, and you carry that name with pride.
  3. Your pedigree is blessed with pillars of the Garou Nation, and the blood tells.
  4. You can be dressed as a beggar and still command respect.
  5. The greatest of heroes live on in you.


Rites – Is unmodified.

Spirit Heritage

Spirit Heritage - Is unmodified. However, no more than 2 at character creation

Spirit Network

Spirit Network - Is unmodified. Not available at character creation, to non-Theurges, or to non-urban Garou. To have this background, the Garou must also possess the Gift Spirit Speech. It works as a sort of Contacts for the spirit world. A Garou possessing this background has developed good relationships with local spirits who in turn give them information about the local area. To acquire information about a given event, the Garou must go to the place where the event occurred and then roll their Spirit Network Rating against a difficulty of the local Gauntlet. One success will give a vague description while three or more successes will give an entire accounting.

  1. You have a few spirits on the look out for interesting information.
  2. Several spirits are willing to share what they have seen with you.
  3. You have unseen eyes in countless locations at any given time.
  4. Spirits far and wide seek out information and report strange happenings to you.
  5. Unless the Gauntlet is extremely high, very little escapes the notice of your watcher spirits.


Totem – Is unmodified. However, they are obviously not taken at character creation.


Touched - This Background is not allowed at all in WoDG.

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