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This page contains detailed descriptions of Backgrounds available in the Vampire venue of World of Darkness: Gotham. Please note that in the descriptions D = Differential and S = Stackable.


Vampire Backgrounds


Age – This Background is not allowed at all in WoDG.


Domain - Earned in game only via ST reward.


Domitor - This Background is purchased by Ghouls. Ghouls must purchase 1 dot at character creation.


Generation – Players who want to take Generation must meet with their ST prior to submitting a character sheet. For more information, please see Vampire character creation guidelines


Herd (D,S) – In WoDG Herd doesn’t necessarily only represent the number of safe drinking vessels a vampire has access to (this is a normal function of Herd and it adds one die per dot in the Background to Hunting dice pools in hunting scenes. It also adds 1 BP per dot to the weekly BP gain that every vampire gets through the automated system.). They also can serve as Followers per the Followers Background, but are limited to minor unskilled tasks.

Some can be ghouls and some can be blood dolls while others might be thugs, some may be animals, etc. However, at rating 3 or above there are just too many Herd members for them all to be ghouls. Managing the Bond among a few Retainers is difficult. When you are talking 15 to 60 individuals, the time the Kindred has to spend managing them all nearly takes up all his waking hours. Players get one NPC template per dot in the background. None of those templates can be ghouls until the third dot in Herd. At Herd 3, one of the NPC templates can be a ghoul template. You can have up to 2 ghoul NPC templates maximum. These ghouls will represent 50% of your character's total available vessels maximum.

  1. 3 vessels
  2. 7 vessels
  3. 15 vessels
  4. 30 vessels
  5. 60 vessels

Military Force

Military Force - This Background is not allowed at all in WoDG.

Nosferatu Information Network

Nosferatu Information Network - Unmodified. System is roll the dice in the background rating vs diff 8. Number of successes indicates the depth and quality of the information provided. Only available to Nosferatu.

Occult Library

Occult Library - Available to Tremere only. No more than a rating of 2 at Character Creation.

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