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Awakening is the event catalyst that opens a mage's eyes to the true nature of reality for the very first time. In this article we will discuss policies for Awakening IC in World of Darkness: Gotham.

Awakening in Character Creation

Mage suffers from many inconsistencies throughout its revision history. Awakenings are not immune to such contradictions.

On the one hand, some areas of core texts refer to spontaneous Awakenings due to trauma or another life altering event. On the other hand, core texts describing each Tradition and their practices, detail how each Tradition handles recruiting and Awakening their Initiates.

Some Traditions like the Hermetics have a definite and rigid course of study, training, and practice which they proudly proclaim is the only certain way to produce a predictable Awakening in its most talented members. Others use ritualized practices such as vision quests, altered perceptions, etc. to bring about the proper state of mind to allow a recruit to experience their first epiphany and Awaken.

Can spontaneous Awakenings happen? Certainly, but they are not appropriate for the Mage: The Ascension Chronicle in World of Darkness: Gotham.

Our story is about Tradition mages and not orphans scooped up by the Traditions and inducted post-Awakening.

We have chosen to focus on the Traditions and to celebrate their respective views, cultures, and practices. We expect all players to embrace that focus and write about a Tradition mage and not one on the fringes of Awakened Society. We want players to be versed in their characters' Traditions at the outset so that they can fully participate in the venue with intelligence and thought. This includes honoring their Traditions' typical recruiting and Awakening practices.

Awakening In Game

Awakening in character is a thrill and can be handled in prelude for starting mage characters for those who choose to Awaken in game right off.

For everyone else, there will be no spontaneous Awakenings. Mortals will not be able to play in the mortal venue and then down the line decide to have their characters spontaneously Awaken. Mortal policy is to not allow a venue transfer for at least 6 months after character creation.

If after that time you wish to begin the Awakening process, then you can transfer over to mage as an acolyte, provided that you have partnered up with a mage player. This is a relatively simple process as mortals and acolytes are created using the same character creation rules. You need only notify the STs of your intentions and work out the venue transfer with them.

All acolytes in the mage venue must spend no less than 90 days within the venue as an acolyte working on your Awakening storyline. That means that you and your mage partner must be RPing out the mentorship and the mage must be actively grooming your character for Awakening down the road.

You should NOTIFY THE STs as soon as possible of your intentions to have the acolyte in your partnership Awaken. The STs will verify that you both understand that the storyline requires an extensive commitment and you both intend to see it through. They will also verify that you both understand the Inactivity Policy should one of you go MIA during the storyline. Once they are satisfied that both parties understand the responsibilities and expectations of the other, then they will be given the go-ahead to proceed.

Just to be clear, once your character is Awakened, he will be part of the Tradition of the mage he has been attached to as an acolyte. This mage will now act as your character’s mage mentor. This mentor is still responsible for your character’s learning and his introduction into the Tradition and to mage society as well. If your character fucks up it is still on him. Your character will be his Apprentice after all.

Masters must be at least at Disciple level (Arete 3 or more) before they will be able to take on an Apprentice. Apprentices and Initiates are just learning themselves. Of course Disciples are always learning too, but they are more established and experienced with their paradigms to be able to have an idea of how to pass that along.

Once that there has been plenty of RP and IC justification behind it, then you can work out with the mage player and the STs a time for an Awakening and the scene will be scheduled.

Mechanical Requirements for Awakening in Game

Mechanically you must have a few requirements filled as well:

  1. At least 28 XP saved for 1 Arete, 1 Tradition Sphere, 1 other Sphere (preferably Prime 1), 1 Avatar
  2. You must create a mage character sheet and fulfill all the requirements of a mage character. This means detailing your character’s Avatar, Essence, Paradigm and Belief, Resonance, etc. Please refer to Mage Character Creation for further information.
  3. Your mage Mentor must be a Disciple or higher to be able to groom your character for Awakening and act as his master.
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