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The relationship between a Mage and their Avatar can not be stressed enough. The Revised Edition waters down the level of interaction that takes place between them but we are not following the metaplot and the Avatar Storm. In WoDG, every mage is playing 2 characters: their mage and their mage's Avatar.

Role Playing Avatars Without the Storm

When asking yourself how your character and Avatar interact, you should look at the entire gamut of possibilities that are open to you. The interactions can be as simple as premonitions and gut feelings, to full on in your face schoolmarm giving you a lecture and tugging on your ear as she drags you where you need to go. Figuring out how you want to work through this aspect of your character is very important and should not be neglected. It should be seen as an opportunity to explore aspects of your character from outside of their shoes. It is the ultimate tool for development of your character.

Even if you don’t take the Manifest Avatar merit, your Avatar can still appear to you face to face and even interact physically. Now, this might really all be happening all in his or her head, but to the Mage in question is all very much real. Other people of course won’t see or be able to interact with the Avatar but under most circumstances the Avatar and their Mage are what matters. Their connection, their relationship, and the entire nature of their blended life together can open up some rather wonderful opportunities for role play. The Avatar is on a different level, working to guide and influence the Mage towards Ascension. You can role play out this interaction yourself, journaling also works, or maybe even something more direct if there is something that you need help with.

STs and Your Character's Avatar

The staff would rather leave the interactions between Mage and Avatar in the hands of the players, since it is a very deep and personal aspect of the character. We do though understand that at times it could be beneficial to actually play a scene with the Avatar. So you can get with the Storyteller for a little scene time with your Avatar if there is a reason you think it would be good to play out. Normally this type of interaction has been left for Seekings, but there are certainly other times that a little one on one interaction could go a long way to helping work through something. We also reserve the right to take control of said Avatar of your character and give little pushes or even face to face conversations if we feel that your character is becoming stagnant and stuck. The Avatar isn’t about to let your character fall back into static behavior and as mentioned previously, there can be some very negative consequences to ignoring the influence of your Avatar. This is even more true if you happen to have a strong and potent Avatar so keep that in mind should you choose to buy an Avatar 5 just for the ‘fringe’ benefits of easy Quintessence and decide to neglect what influence it has on your character.

Mages should be seeking out new and interesting experiences, researching the unknown, looking at the world around them and the literally unlimited possibilities open to them. Their Avatar should be right there driving them to break new ground and to challenge their old conceptions of reality and their own personal boundaries. The personal prodding should be left to the Player to develop, but the STs can certainly help and talk out ideas with you should you need help or ever start to feel that your character is getting stuck in a rut. The Avatar is a motivator for the character to go and do things, to figure out aspects about the character that you as a player might have never thought to even think about when first making the character.

Avatars Are Constantly Pushing Boundaries

Consider this…

The Avatar understands the path to Ascension and will be pushing and guiding the character, this is where you as the player can use that guidance to move your character in new and unexpected directions. Your character might not ever think or even be willing to try pot, but you as the player thinks that experience could go a long way of breaking some of the hangups carried over from his Sleeper days. So here is where you use your characters Avatar to nudge him into accepting that joint and taking his first hit. This could be anything from a near uncontrollable urge that your character gives in to (since he’s used to following these ‘gut reactions’ as part of how his Avatar works) or he could be teased by their Avatar who appears in the corner of the room to give them that push. In this example, it is a very personal issue that can open up new possibilities for the character but it also is not the type of thing and ST can just initiate. The personal prodding should be left to the Player to develop, but the STs can certainly help and talk out ideas with you should you need help or ever start to feel that your character is getting stuck in a rut.

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