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Automatic Feats are feats that don't require a roll. Below are the descriptions for common Automatic Feats in WoDG.


Automatic Feats Descriptions

Blood Use

Vampire Only - Healing, Augmenting Attributes, etc. To spend Blood Points to heal wounds, a vampire must concentrate and do nothing else for an entire turn. A character may attempt to spend blood points to heal while taking another action, but that requires a Stamina + Survival roll at Difficulty 8. Failing this roll causes the vampire to lose the expended Blood Points. Botching this roll causes the vampire to lose the expended Blood Points + 1 and they take another Health Level of bashing damage. Spending Blood Points to raise attributes or to power disciplines can be done automatically and without concentration. Characters may spend a number of Blood Points per turn as their generation allows. 

Getting to Your Feet

You can get to your character to his feet as long as he's not hindered or in a combat situation. In situations where it matters, rising takes one turn and is considered a full action. If your character attempts another action, the multiple actions rules apply. It is a Dex + Athletics Diff 4 to stand successfully. 


Your character can walk 7 yards in a turn. Your character can jog 12 + Dexterity yards in a turn and can run 20 + (3 x Dexterity) yards in a turn. Injured characters cannot move at full speed. For movement rates and complications during combat please see the WoDG Combat! pages for further explanations.

Reading Weapon or Foci

Drawing a knife or reloading a gun requires an action. If your character is doing this with a multiple action maneuver, the ST may ask for a Dexterity + Melee/Firearms roll difficulty 4 with the reduced dice pool for multiple actions. Similar rolls may be required for elaborate or cumbersome Foci.

Starting A Car

It takes a turn to start a car. In times of stress or under certain conditions, a Wits + Drive roll difficulty 4 may be appropriate.


While following the standard Initiative rules, your character may choose to yield his turn and hold off until one of the other characters in the combat has acted. Your character can act later in the turn after yielding. However if everyone yields, the next turn begins and initiative is rolled again.

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