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Players in World of Darkness Gotham are not restricted from mixing it up with other players. We encourage player v player interaction both as rivals and as allies across venues.

Characters are free to form alliances ICly through RP. It's quite natural for two or more characters to meet and when they do impressions are made and relationships are seeded. Some blossom into rivalries, some might become friendships, and others might just be casual acquaintances. When characters hit it off and find common ground, they may want to start working towards forming some sort of association. We call these associations Alliances.

Alliances grow organically through RP. It's a natural process and a good beginning storyline for characters to undertake. As player characters hit it off, players get to know each other OOCly and begin the basis for a collaboration and possibly lead into player created content and storylines. The alliance might take on a formal tone or it may remain casual and loose. How it's set up is up to the players involved.


Alliance Types

Here are some ideas and samples of what alliances might look like:

  • Vampire Coterie - A coterie of vampire neonates formed for protection and to acquire influence.
  • Mage Cabal - A cabal of like minded mages formed based on a new philosophical school of thought couched in similarities among several Traditions.
  • Werewolf Pack - A pack of werewolves formed out of a physical, spiritual, and psychological need for Garou to be connected to one another.
  • Crossover Alliance - A group of supernaturals and possibly mortals formed around similar goals and ideas. "We can scratch each others' backs" and get more things done together.

Alliance Activities and Recommendations

As mentioned before, Alliances can be as active and strict or as casual and loose as the players involved might want. These are player creations borne out of RP and whatever works for the players is what it's all about. There will be no ST interference. STs will not tell you how to form them and what to do with them. They are entirely a player creation and therefore a player responsibility.

That said there are some recommendations for you from the ST team:

  • Take your time. Let the relationships blossom and RP them out over the long term. You'll find yourself naturally stumbling upon more RP material than if you rushed through. Storylines will come easily and naturally if you do that and you won't struggle for stuff to RP. You'll generate your own RP content regularly.
  • Alliances don't have to be all white hat type content. Rivalries within them, betrayals, manipulations, subterfuges, politics can all become part of an Alliance and it might even spice things up a bit and give you more to RP about.
  • Have a purpose or several purposes. You might want to start with a narrow focus and build a foundation for your Alliance before you spread out to multiple areas, but have some ideas in mind for it to start. As the characters involved get to know each other better, more goals will naturally evolve.
  • Be at least a little organized. Even the most casual of groups should coordinate their downtime or other activities a little to be at all effective. Even if your character is a black hat, you want to at least appear to be working with the team.
  • Take turns entertaining each other. Alliance members are responsible for their own entertainment or lack thereof. STs host events and may pop in from time to time to NPC, but they are not required or expected to be your personal RPG Bot. However, Alliances are great vehicles for players to narrate each other through common encounters and personal storylines as many players have their own NPCs and can freely utilize the player driven storyline tools.

Alliance Resources

In World of Darkness: Gotham, we make every effort to give players the tools they need to facilitate their RP and RP goals. With that said, we want to make you all aware of the possibilities for your Alliances in terms of site resources.

  • Players' Portal. We have a whole portal in the wiki set aside for players to use as they please under their own namespace called Player Page. You are free to create an Alliance category and put information about your Alliance on it or create a mini portal for your Alliance that is private to only your members. Just send a contact ticket to Thing One requesting the private pages. Please include the members of the Alliance so we know who is to be given access. Public pages require no notification.
  • Alliance Forums. If you want to have a forum for your Alliance, send a contact ticket to Thing One and include the members who should be given access.
  • Alliance Settings. If you want a setting for your Alliance, you can share your Backgrounds and purchase a hideout or business together and the ST team will consult with you on stats and mechanics. This all obviously must be earned ICly and you'll have to create your own descriptions, floor plans, find your own pictures, etc. We aren't doing that for you, but we will make a permanent chat room for you and keep it as long as your Alliance is active.

Multiple Alliances and Crossovers

Players are free to be in as many Alliances as they want. Again, Alliances are of your own making. They are entirely IC. If it makes sense for your character to associate himself or herself with more than one Alliance, have at it.

Be prepared for and understand that all sorts of complications might arise and that's a good thing. If Betty Bone Gnawer is in a Garou pack, but also has a group of homeless mortal PCs as friends demanding her time or if they have conflicting interests, then Betty is going to be in a jam and all sorts of RP drama can arise. This is great because it generates even more RP content, but it's something Betty ICly needs to consider.

Some Alliances might have rules that they should be held above others or demand that their members have no other allegiances. Your character may or may not wish that or may secretly have several. Secrets are abound in the World of Darkness as no one really knows who is connected to who. That's all part of the fun. Just understand that when you break the rules of one organization or another, there are consequences.

Part of the intention here is to force players to engage in that balancing act with their characters.

For example, if Gary Glass Walker associates with a couple of leeches regularly, his fellow Garou might not be understanding. However, Gary and the leeches are all involved in the underworld and they've agreed not to step on each others toes and to carve up their territory so that everyone gets a piece of the pie and they share in securing it by keeping any other interests from muscling in. It's good for the leeches and good for Gary who gets renown for keeping dirty rackets out of the neighborhood. However, if the Garou found out how Gary was managing to keep such an area secure and clean, there might be a scandal and renown loss. So he hides his association as best he can from his pack or sept or swallows the renown hit and the ridicule should it come.

The bottom line is that these Alliances are your responsibility to manage. STs will not get involved.

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