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At the end of the day, it’s the player who is responsible for their own player character and everything to do with it. Players are responsible for double checking that a ST did their experience correctly, if their characters' Journals are done, if their storylines are moving forward, if their IC schemes are bearing fruit, where the location of their player character is within a scene, not keeping tabs on the information about your character that you leak out or don’t leak out, etc.

We could go on and on with examples, but just keep in mind that a fundamental question a player should ask themselves is this: Do I know what is up with my character?

If the answer at any given point is “I’m not sure” or “No”, then you need to take care of that by either working on it yourself, with your fellow players, or with a ST.

However, in the end it’s up to you to make sure you get the answers you need to run your character.

Reading and Research

We get a lot of questions from people about things that are already covered in this wiki. When it comes to researching for your character, it's your responsibility. STs will not do that for you. Our job is to give suggestions and guidance, not to spoon feed players.

There's a search function included with this wiki and of course there's nothing stopping players from using the All-Knowing and Googling themselves some sources on whatever subject needed for aiding them in RPing their character.

Losing Characters and Other Nastiness

It sucks to be benched, but World of Darkness: Gotham is set in a place called the World of Darkness. It’s an ugly and brutal place where characters die or are rendered temporarily inactive or are scene locked for a wide variety of reasons. This is just a fact.

Players are expected to handle the bad consequences of RP with just as much tact and grace as the good consequences. In other words, accept your character's setbacks with just as much enthusiasm as his victories as both serve as great sources of character growth.

No Do-Overs

We do not retcon (short for retro active continuity) scenes if we can help it.

If you come in and do stupid shit with your character because you're tired, high, drunk, had a bad day at work, depressed, etc. it stands.

At the most, we will come in and direct the other players on how to take the impact of your disruption ICly.

For instance, if you're throwing a hissy fit because your character got blood bound to an enemy and you decide to reveal OOC information as if it were IC by having your character scream out dirty secrets in public, we'll likely ban you for life on the spot because that's just inexcusable behavior, but in addition to that we'll do damage control with the affected players to tweak the scene so that play can continue on with the scene having been an IC outburst revealing only IC info.

Thankfully we rarely have those types of issues in WoDG. When we do have issues, it's usually because of honest to goodness mistakes with respect to rolls or misunderstandings stemming from an incomplete understanding of the setting. Players can take the burden off STs by making sure they are prepared to enter a scene by understanding the current conditions in a setting. Misunderstandings stemming from mechanical errors can be minimized by taking the time to look things up here in our House Rules. Conferring with your fellow players and asking for a heads up on the setting before entering a scene or discussing and agreeing to the necessary rolls for a particular action can go a long way to resolving any issues and help avoid any retcons.

If nothing else seems to work and there's an issue in a scene, find a ST to help sort things out.

Further Reading

See: Losing Characters

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